About TylerRose. Author

I’m mouthy and opinionated and I call it like I see it.

You can always count on me to give an honest opinion and my own personal observations.  I don’t regurgitate what others have to say. I point/counterpoint.

A lot of people agree with me. A lot of people don’t. I know the ones who don’t because they are the ones tossing the insult bombs. But once I see the insult bombs, I stop paying attention. If insults are all they have, they don’t have much…and I’ve heard worse from better to my face. lol

I don’t subscribe to the lowest common denominator. I have my own thoughts and opinions based on my own personal experience. Arguing against my personal experience isn’t going to change it.

I don’t pander to the masses.I do my own thing for my own reasons. I don’t follow anyone when it comes to my writings.

I like to rock the boat of complacency. Always have.It’s fun to watch people reel when a strong opinion doesn’t fold at their first bluster.

Complacency is the enemy of the future.

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