I’m an Author, Not Your Sex-Ed Teacher

I recently saw an author state that the reader would never see her characters engaging in unsafe practices, unsafe sex, or putting themselves into dangerous situations.

My first thought was…gosh, what boring books.

I’ve thought about her statement ever since, putting more words to my knee-jerk reaction.

Yes, you WILL see my characters putting themselves into dangerous situations. They’re going to make stupid decisions. Sometimes it’ll come out okay. Sometimes it WON’T.

They’re not always going to use the condom with strangers. They’re not going to use the plastic wrap dental dam for cunnilingus. They’re not always going to make sure everything is perfectly flushed out and squeaky clean before the penis that was in the anus goes back to the vagina.

They’re not going to negotiate what will and won’t happen and they won’t discuss what the safe word will be.  They’re not going to sterilize every implement the second it comes out of the toy kit


Because I’m not your sex-ed teacher.

I’m an author of FICTION. The entire POINT of fiction is to be fantastic. That’s where the word FANTASY comes from. It’s supposed to be over the top and exciting, not a lesson in all things personal safety and safe sex.

My characters are going to be stupid and reckless in their lives because you can’t be stupid and reckless in yours. Books are for immersing one’s self into another world where the rules we live by don’t apply, and living vicariously through those characters.

That’s the ENTIRE POINT!

I Will Not Nickel & Dime You

Dearest Readers

I have learned about a website that allows readers to follow authors and pay for the “privilege” of getting information and updates about new books.

I will not ever use this service.

I don’t think any reader should have to pay to know what page I’m on in the typed document. I don’t think any reader should have to pay to be updated on enticing little snippets.

In this day and age of technology and accessibility, it is exciting to me to be able to share these things with my readers.

I enjoy taking a picture of something sitting on a page of my handwritten manuscript or typed hard copy I’m using for edits. If this was 30 years ago, and my favorite authors were sharing in this same way, I’d be turning my computer every which way to try to read that blurred out, half-covered page.

I like asking if anyone would like to be a character and showing various versions of early covers for input.

In this day and age, author and reader have an unprecedented opportunity to take the journey of writing a book together. The author isn’t holed up alone at a desk anymore if they don’t want to be. Right here at our fingertips is the rest of the world and we can interact with it at any moment.

I’m not going to nickel and dime you to death along that journey. The only time I want your money is when that book is finished and available for sale.

Maybe I might miss out on a few bucks here and there, but it feels like extortion to me. “If you give me two bucks, I’ll tell you the name of the next character to die!”

I would not respect myself if I did that.

Autographed Copies of My Books

I’m making autographed copies of my books available through Ebay!

Flat price, shipping is right there to be seen, easy payment through PayPal.

And I can write the message of your choice (within reason) for the recipient.

They’re not all up yet. I have to order a few titles to have on hand. When I am certain I have them, I’ll finish the listings.


Gethis Novels

You can buy them in on my Author Page  in Kindle and Print formats!

Gethis is a little planet in Farrockaway Gamma Quadrant. A goddess named Fate and her mate Love created human life on it some 25,000 years ago.

These are the novels that tell the history of that human life.

Passage of days and years is measured by the rebirths of their daughter Piran, who is the Keeper of the Worthy Dead and resides in Love’s Playground (their version of heaven). But just because she has the nice, cushy job doesn’t mean she’s fair, reasonable or decent.

Their son Parin is the Keeper of the Unworthy. The evil of Gethis is kept in Parin’s Pit (their version of hell) and let out in small doses to keep the energy of the planet in balance. But just because he is the keeper of the evil does not mean he himself is evil.

The youngest child of Love and Fate is Napir. He is the neutral god between his older sister and brother. He is the judge, who determines to which a person’s soul goes when it is not good enough to automatically go to Love’s Playground and not bad enough to go to the Pit. (Arlyn the Deliverer)

The year has 401 days in it and day 1 is changed every time the Piran rebirths, which is about every 800 to 1000 years. 321st day of the 625th year of the 3rd Piran means it is very early on. But if she rebirthed the next day, the 1st day of the 1st year of the 4th Piran would be the date. (At least one of the novels will have a rebirth and will tell how the world knows to change the date.)

“But this changes the date of things. Your birthday is in a different season.” Yes, it does. Makes you wonder if this was really how it was supposed to be and how it came about, doesn’t it?

I have so far written in three time periods of Gethis. An historical and ancient past similar enough to our Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek City States into Roman times. Another that is Renaissance becoming Industrial Revolution. And the space-faring future in which Gethis begins to become part of the galactic society.

There is much more to write, as illustrated in the list of titles on the Coming Soon page of my website. That list is always in evolution. Novels sometimes are combined into one. Sometimes split apart into another.

I’m chugging along as quickly as I can come up with the pages to type.