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Carbon Monoxide Scare

Well that was fun. (10pm 4-25-2018)

Just had the fire department over to check for carbon monoxide. Duchess’ meter went off. Reset it to see if it would go off again. A few minutes later it went off. Reset it and moved it to another location to see if it would go off again. It did. It went off a third time ON TOP OF the corner of her bed.

So we took a walk to the fire department across the street to ask them to come check for us. I’m really glad I did.

I expected a guy or two to come over, right?

Oh hell no. The entire fire brigade came through our apartment. lolol Fully coats and helmets, pikes and fire extinguishers. They were all completely kitted out. I’m sure the various neighbors had a terrific “hey, what’s happening?” moment.

While not dangerous levels, they were getting elevated readings in every room. They found nothing in the other second floor apartment. Nothing downstairs. Nothing in the basement either. Literally just our unit.

Meters going throughout the apartment, they figured out it was the stove, and had us open all the windows while they pulled out the stove and turned the gas off (mostly off). Levels did start to go down with the ventilation. Fortunately, it wasn’t a very cold evening. With 55 degrees, but humid and foggy, the air coming in was quite pleasant.

Con Ed came about half an hour after the FDNY left, to do their thing. The technician found that the pilot light on one side of the stove had been up too high and was burning its own soot under the bottom of the stove top. That created carbon monoxide all the time. Plus the valve itself didn’t shut completely off when the fire department turned it off.

We might need a new stove, but the landlord has it under warranty. We’ll see what happens.

We’re without a stove for a day or two, but that’s okay. We’ll have Chinese tonight. lol I am considering getting an induction burner. I might not get it in time to deal with this event, but in the future and on hot days it could be a handy thing to have.

All is well. The FDNY and Con Ed tech were really kind about coming up, assured us we’d done the right thing in not delaying. With all the news reports of entire families dying of carbon monoxide poisoning, I wasn’t about to let it go.

So this is me telling you…if your carbon monoxide detector is going off, don’t ignore it.

We were very fortunate that it was very low levels; but it could easily have become much worse if we hadn’t taken it seriously.

PS…the one in Duchess’ room was the freebie I’d gotten from Con Ed. They sent a card shortly after we moved in, offering a free $30 detector. I got it for the heck of it, put it in Duchess’ room at the baseboard.

Her room is across the living room, down a twelve foot hallway, then three feet left into her room, then another eight feet back to the wall. THAT was the detector that went off. THAT far from the source.

I think the carbon monoxide was going through the electrical outlet on this side of the wall her room shares with the living room.